You can depend on us. From our smallest range of standard
generators to units customized by our specialist, we can meet
all your power needs. When you have an FG Wilson generator,
we can guarantee to provide you with all the power you need
24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
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TBW Ltd Engineering doo
Kneza Miloša 82
11.000 Belgrade,
Phone/Fax: +381 11 26 56 158

          We are living in a world, that takes everything for granted, but nothing is certain any more. We are facing the lack of energy in every field, but specially, the most important electricity.
          We have a solution for you. When ever you want to feel independent and carry on with your life and business as usual, no matter what, you can depend on us.
          TBW Ltd Engineering can supply you with the wide range of FG Wilson generator sets, working as their dealer from December 2001. FG Wilson is world wide famous and the biggest European manufacturer of diesel and gas fuelled generators.
          If you are not sure what kind of power you need, our company will assist you to choose the right one. We will give you all the information you need to make a right decision.
          TBW Ltd Engineering will take care of the commissioning, installation audit and the start up of units. We will also supply you with all spare parts and will do all the maintenance. Following manufacturer’s instructions and procedures we will give you all after sales support, during and after warranty period and look after your generators anywhere in Serbia.
          We are focusing on supplying you with reliable, best quality generator sets at reasonable prices. You can choose a wide range of applications for prime or back up power supply. If you need power just temporary, we have for offer our big range of rental fleet.

          TBW Ltd Engineering has a good cooperation with marine gear manufacturers: Twin Disc and Reintjes, acting as consulting company with product and spare parts sales in marine service.

Make the right decision, choose the FG Wilson Generator set
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